Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Old Man and the Sea(rs)

We went to Sears to look for baby stuff (apparently finding a car seat you like is no easy task) and had trouble finding the corner of the 50,000 square feet of retail space they hid their Infant & Toddler section.

We asked a kindly looking gentleman where to go, he pointed us in the right direction... then followed us to make sure we didn't need further assistance. 10 minutes later we were good to go; no car seat, they keep the vast majority of their catalog online like the rest of the world, but we did find a really cute dress on clearance, and this same gentleman was waiting at the cash register.

He asked if we found everything ok.
"Uh... sure."

He asked if we were interested in joining the Baby rewards membership program.
"No thanks."
He then launched into a 5 minute description of the Baby rewards membership program. The accumulation of benefits, no cost to you, easy sign up.... the works.

He asked if we were interested in joining the Sears rewards membership program.
"No thanks."
He then launched into a 5 minute description of the Sears rewards membership program. This time it was all about the differences and similarities of the two programs.

He asked if we would take a short survey describing our shopping experience.
"Uh... sure."
He then launched into a 5 minute description of the surveying process. How to call, how many questions they'll ask, what we get for our time... the works.

He asked if there was anything he could do to make sure we would give him a "10"... and he drew a 10 inside a cute little circle on our receipt as a friendly reminder.

By the third question we were both having a hard time keeping a straight face, wondering what else he could possibly ask. And then he kept going! Over and over, explanation after long explanation!

We walked away laughing... and promptly threw away the receipt with the perfect 10 inside a cute little circle.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't look!

I travel quite a bt for work, and this last time I got upgraded to first class for being such a loyal customer to one of the worst airlines in the nation (my work doesn't let me make my own travel arrangements surprise surprise).

The difference between coach and first class was like night and day. The whole flight crew was falling all over themselves to try and make my 3 and a half hour flight the bestest aviation experience ever. I had a waitress that would bring me practically anything I wanted.

Bring me the head of a pig!" "Have someone from coach fiddle for me. Amuse me!"

It was a little bit silly. They gave me free snacks, drinks (alcoholic or non), a full meal, hot towels (which if you have no idea why your stewardess is handing you a hot towel is quite an awkward experience), pillows and blankets, headphones and well wishes at the end of the trip.

By the end of my trip it was actually making me a little uncomfortable. Every time I made eye contact with the uber-perky flight attendant, she would come over. "Do you need anything?" for the upteenth time. Smile, "no, I'm fine," for the upteenth time.

I would never pay for a seat in first class, partly because the extra $1000 is not going to get you there any faster, and mostly because when I woke up halfway between Phoenix and Chicago, my big comfy plush first class recliner still gave me a crick in my neck!